Mélanie Elliott

Photography / Projects



This concept has been created from photos taken in a studio with a model and blurred pictures taken outside. I first transformed the studio photos by adding an effect resembling the process of the stamp and then I joined the other images to increase the desired atmosphere for each illustration.


Model: Marie-Noëlle Voisin
Hair and makeup: Pamela Warden

Clothing: Perle Take-out


Focus Baie-James


Focus Baie-James, is a documentary series on the artistic quest of a young dynamic and passionate couple. Melanie and Pierre-Luc traveled James Bay to meet extraordinary personalities that opens up to them and reveal the wonders and secrets of their territory. A camera to break the stereotypes, one goal: share their experience and offer a different view of this enigmatic country. For several weeks, the audience is propelled into a unique getaway combining news and culture, to the rhythm of casualness. This documentary series is both educational, humanistic and artistic. Education, to deepen the knowledge of the public with regard to the region. Humanist, to give voice to its artisans, and thus beyond the strictly economic vision of its wealth. Artistic, buy sharing the artistic process of the photographers to transmit to the public an unusual perspective of the trip. The adventure was also shared in the form of exhibition presented in Montreal at the SIDIM 2014 and the Artothèque, then in Amos, at the Palais Harricana on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the city and stayed there for a period of 3 months.


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Focus Baie-James: The Exhibition



Project in collaboration with the designer Rose Goudron.


'' We wanted to explore a way to present the universe of latex  without the usual clichés. We did not want to lose the sensuality, but rather give it a higer vibration than simple illustration of it. As the playing field, we have chosen to use double exposure and a mixture of film and digital.''

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