Mélanie Elliott

Actress and photographer, Melanie works primarily in film, TV and theatre.  Working in both French and English, she has trained with acting coach Gilles Plouffe and Intentionnal dreams productions.  Since 2000, she has worked on 7 independent feature films.  By 2007, she delved into photography, and was immediately drawn to film still photography.  Multi-disciplinary, she has also worked in art direction for educational videos, web ads, comedy clips, short and feature-length films, and TV shows, for companies like Musique Plus and the Just for Laughs Festival.


Inspired, and driven to explore, create and share, Melanie continues to push the envelope and cross boundaries, behind and in front of the camera.  Starring in the lead role of Dorothy in the experimental The Nomad of Oz, the film won the 2013 Canada International Film Festival Royal Reel Award as well as the Best Experimental Feature at the Atlanta Underground Film Festival 2013. Another film in witch Melanie appeared, Sweeping Forward, won the Public award for Best Canadian film In 2013 at the Festival des films du monde in Montreal. In 2013, she co-wrote with AGLA Média an 8 episodes tv documentary about a photographic odyssey around James Bay. She is the host and photographer of  Focus Baie-James, broadcast on Canal Savoir. From that adventure was born an exhibition that has been presented in Montreal at the SIDIM 2014 and at the Artothèque and in Amos for a period of 3 months at Le Palais Harricana for the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the city.